Tractor Attachments to Transform Your Homestead

In recent years, homesteading has become increasingly popular as people seek ways to become more self-sufficient and connect with the land. For some this might be a part-time hobby, while others make it a full-time lifestyle. No matter your approach, a compact tractor is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment you can have on your homestead. Learn how the right tractor and attachments will help you make light work of the toughest jobs.

What is Homesteading?

Homesteading has a broad definition, but the primary focus is on a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It utilizes the resources and space available to produce many of the essentials used in everyday life. Common aspects of a homestead include:

  • Growing crops
  • Raising livestock
  • Preserving food
  • Maintaining buildings and property
  • Using renewable energy such as solar or wind
  • Making fabric, clothing, and other household items

Some homesteaders rely entirely on their land to generate everything they need, and others may work a regular job to produce income and work on the homestead in their spare time. Ultimately, the goal is to become more connected to the land and less reliant on outside sources.

What Size Tractor Do I Need for My Homestead?

While many think of homesteads as large farms with lots of acreage, there’s no set size. Even a small yard in an urban area can be converted to productive land. Often, homesteaders start out with a hobby farm and continue to grow, incorporating more elements for self-reliance over time. 

If you’re considering purchasing a tractor to help support your homestead, here’s some guidance on how to select the right-sized machine.

25 Acres or Less

The amount of land that needs to be worked is a critical factor in your tractor selection. Plots of 25 acres or less can often be handled by a sub-compact tractor. Sub-compact tractors such as the Yanmar SA Series, are smaller in size, making them more maneuverable in tight spaces and easy to store in a garage or shed. They still benefit from the versatile features you’d expect including 4WD, hydrostatic transmission, and independent PTO.

More Than 25 Acres

For plots of land larger than 25 acres, you should consider a larger compact tractor such as the Yanmar YT2 or YT3 Series. Compact tractors typically have greater horsepower and lift capacity, allowing you to handle more challenging jobs. They may also have more advanced electronic controls for long days in the operator’s seat, including clutchless shifting, integrated hydraulic mechanical transmission (i-HMT), and even cruise control.

5 Tractor Attachments to Transform Your Homestead

Though there’s no shortage of chores you can tackle with a sub-compact or compact tractor, the right attachments will really take it to the next level. These are five tractor attachments any homesteader should have.

Rotary Cutter

The first step to making your land usable is clearing out all the unnecessary brush and overgrowth. Fortunately, a rotary cutter will make short work of anything growing where you don’t want it. Its rugged blades are built for everything from clearing fence line to removing weeds in your fields.

Posthole Digger

When you have acres of land, fencing is an essential way to control what comes in and out of your property. Thanks to the posthole digger attachment, you can make building miles of new fencing look easy. Its heavy-duty, forged-steel teeth will penetrate the soil with ease. Beyond fencing, a posthole digger can also be used to build structures and plant shrubs and trees.

Rotary Tiller

Food crops are a cornerstone of any homestead. When you’re growing them at scale, it’s way too much work to turn over the land by hand. Instead, get the job done in a fraction of the time with a rotary tiller attachment. It will dig deep into the soil, covering wide swaths of land in a single pass and prepping the ground for planting.

Round Baler

If your homestead includes livestock, there’s a good chance you’re also growing hay as a food source. Once the hay is cut and prepared, use the round baler to collect it in neat, manageable bales that can be moved by hand. The round baler can create bales up to 60 lbs. at maximum density, and is also suitable for pine straw baling.

Grading Scraper

On a homestead, there’s never a shortage of maintenance to be done. Whether you’re repairing your gravel drive in the spring or establishing a level space for a new building, the grading scraper will help move material evenly and efficiently. This heavy-duty attachment creates smooth, manicured surfaces without the washboard effect.

Connect With Yanmar

When you’re self-reliant, you need to know you can count on your equipment. That’s why Yanmar manufactures all components of our tractors – including the engine, transmission, and axles – in house. We also stand behind our machines with an industry-leading, 10-year limited powertrain warranty.

If you’d like to learn more about how Yanmar tractors and attachments can help transform your homestead, please don’t hesitate to connect with us. Our expert team is here to answer your questions and provide solutions to your everyday challenges.

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